MPPT Boost Vehicle solar controller electric bicycle solar charger controller

This Solar Electric vehicle special controller for the electric bicycle. You can charge your ebike directly from the solar panel . do not need to store the energy to the battery , then use the charge and inverter to charge your electric bicycle. Nowadayts , there are more and more electric bicycles, when it outContinue reading “MPPT Boost Vehicle solar controller electric bicycle solar charger controller”

Hydro Generator for home use

A small water generator for home use, you can check this hydro generator, just connect to the water pipe and the charge controller, it will charge the battery, storage the power for home application use, is it magic? It looks like this. and if you would like to know how to use this hydro generator.Continue reading “Hydro Generator for home use”

MPPT 48V 60A Solar Controller

This new model MPPT 48V 60A solar charge controller, why it is different ? Normally, the most controller could compatible 12V and 24V battery, this MPPT solar charge controller could compatible 12V / 24V /36V /48V battery recognition automatically. also the battery type is from Gel to Flood and the Lead-Acid battery. It provides theContinue reading “MPPT 48V 60A Solar Controller”

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge controllers, with different model. the normal is PWM solar charge controller and MPPT solar charge controller. MPPT solar charge controller: MPPT Maximum power point tracking Function , and short for MPPT. it compares with the PWM. This solar charge controller could math the Lithium battery, Gel battery, and Flood Battery, Lead-Acid, lithium ,Continue reading “MPPT Solar Charge Controller”

Welcome to Tengyu Tech

Tengyu Tech committed to solar and wind renewable energy, to improve the effectively use the renewable energy. improve the environment. make a better future for our planet. Why we would like to do this? Now everyone knows the air population, everyone knows the environment protection. so we need more clean energy to instead the fossilContinue reading “Welcome to Tengyu Tech”