MPPT Boost Vehicle solar controller electric bicycle solar charger controller

This Solar Electric vehicle special controller for the electric bicycle. You can charge your ebike directly from the solar panel . do not need to store the energy to the battery , then use the charge and inverter to charge your electric bicycle.

Nowadayts , there are more and more electric bicycles, when it out of power , couse a lot trouble for our life. It is much convenient that the electric bicycle could directly charge by the solar panel. It is always says, where there is sunlight, where there is power. you do not need to worry about the energy when you only have a solar panel. and this controller. it is also much convenient, you do not need to wait still until the battery charge process is completed. when you riding , the controller could charge the battery from the solar panel too. amazing , isn’t ?


MPPT Boost Vehicle solar controller

12V/24V/48V/72V 300W solar vehicle controller



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