Why you need a solar controller

When you use a solar panel, and want to transfer the solar energy store to the battery or use it to charge your mobile, or lunch a lamp.

Then you may need a solar charge controller to transfer the energy , and protect the battery will not over charge to damage.

First, you many need to check the battery voltage, norV mally, the battery voltage is 12V/24V. this is the safe voltage for human. but now. the 36V 48V and 60V, even 72V battery , they with more efficient usage. and also , the battery voltage should math with the solar panel voltage.

12V Float 14.2V (defaul, adjustable) 12.0—15.0
12V Discharge Stop10.7V (defaul, adjustable) 9.0—11.5V
12V Discharge Reconnect12.5V (defaul, adjustable)  11.0—13.0V
24V Float28.4V (defaul, adjustable) 24.0—29.0V
24V Discharge Stop19.0V (defaul, adjustable) 18.0—22.0V
24V Discharge Reconnect22.0V (defaul, adjustable) 22.0—26.0V
36V Float42.0V (defaul, adjustable) 36.0—45.0V
36V Discharge Stop30.0V (defaul, adjustable) 27.0—33.0V
36V Discharge Reconnect38.0V (defaul, adjustable) 36.0—42.0V
48V Float56.0V (defaul, adjustable) 48.0—60.0V
48V Discharge Stop40.0V (defaul, adjustable) 36.0—44.0V
48V Discharge Reconnect50.0V (defaul, adjustable) 48.0—56.0V
60V Float71.0V (defaul, adjustable) 60.0—75.0V
60V Discharge Stop50.0V (defaul, adjustable) 45.0—55.0V
60V Discharge Reconnect63.0V (defaul, adjustable) 60.0—70.0V
USB Output5V/2A Max
Operating Temperature-35-+60℃

Solar Panel

When the solar panel made, it will marked some parameters as follow:

Electrical DateMechanical Data
Maximun Power at STC90WSolar Cell TypeMonoctrystalline(125x125mm)
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp)16.0VNumber of Cells32(4×8)
Optimum Operating Current (Imp)5.6ADimensions1050x535x2.8mm
Open Circuit Current (Voc)19.2VWeight1.88kg
Short Circuit Current (Isc)6.16AApplication ClassClass A
Module Efficiency18.3%FrameNone
Maximum System Voltage700VDC (IEC)ConnectorsMC4 Connectors
Maximum Series Fuse Rating10AFire RatingClass C
Thermal CharacteristicsMC4 Connectors
Operating Module Temperature-40℃to+85℃Rated Current30A
Norminal Operating Cell
Temperature (NOCT)
45±2℃Maximum Voltage700VDC
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.42%/℃Maximum AWG Size Range10AWG
Temperature Coefficient of Voc-0.31%/℃Temperature Range -40°F to194°F
Temperature Coefficient of Isc0.05%/℃IP Rating IP67
Junction Box
IP Grade.IP 67
Number of Diodes1 Diodes.
Output Cables.10 AWG (2.95ft long)

This is the description of the 90W flexible solar panel.

And when you choose the solar panel, and the battery, you may need to pay attention to the description. to make sure their math with each other.

Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V 100A

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V 100A you can also customize your logo on it



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