MPPT 48V 60A Solar Controller

This new model MPPT 48V 60A solar charge controller, why it is different ?

Normally, the most controller could compatible 12V and 24V battery, this MPPT solar charge controller could compatible 12V / 24V /36V /48V battery recognition automatically. also the battery type is from Gel to Flood and the Lead-Acid battery.

It provides the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, the efficiency could reach 98.1%. the max PV Input Voltage 180V, Max Input PV Power , 12V system- 720W, 24V system-1440W, 36V system- 2100W, 48V system – 2800W.

If the solar panel is 550W, so you can connect 5 solar panels together use one controller for the 48V battery system. very helpful for your home use.

This is the inside instruction, you can check the Inductance ( cooper coil) and the Capacitor, also with the imported control chip, more stable and reliable.

For more information, you may check this table , get more reference information for your home solar system.

Model No.TY-SM-4860
Charging modeMPPT Maximum power point tracking automatically
Charging3-stage:constant current(MPPT), constant voltage(Absorption Voltage), floating charge, bulk charge
System typeDC12V/24V/36V/48V Recognition automatically
System voltage automatic recognition12V system (DC9V-DC15V) 
System voltage automatic recognition24V system (DC18V-DC29V)
System voltage automatic recognition36V system (DC30V-DC39V)
System voltage automatic recognition48V system (DC40V~DC60V)
Soft Start Time≤1S
Dynamic response and recovery time100us
Max efficiency≥98.1% (Voc is 1.5 or 2 times than battery, then it’s best efficiency)
PV utilization≥99%
MPPT working Voltage12V system (DC20V~DC80V)  
MPPT working Voltage24V system (DC37V~DC105V)
MPPT working Voltage36V system (DC50V~DC160V)
MPPT working Voltage48V system (DC72V~DC160V)
Maximum PV input voltage (Voc)DC180V 
The maximum PV input power 12V system (720W)
The maximum PV input power 24V system (1440W)
The maximum PV input power 36V system (2100W)
The maximum PV input power 48V system (2800W)

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