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Wind Solar Energy

Wind Solar Renewable Energy , to improve the environment make a better future.

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Hydro Generator for home use

A small water generator for home use, you can check this hydro generator, just connect to the water pipe and the charge controller, it will charge the battery, storage the power for home application use, is it magic? It looks like this. and if you would like to know how to use this hydro generator.…

Why you need a solar controller

When you use a solar panel, and want to transfer the solar energy store to the battery or use it to charge your mobile, or lunch a lamp. Then you may need a solar charge controller to transfer the energy , and protect the battery will not over charge to damage. First, you many need…

MPPT 48V 60A Solar Controller

This new model MPPT 48V 60A solar charge controller, why it is different ? Normally, the most controller could compatible 12V and 24V battery, this MPPT solar charge controller could compatible 12V / 24V /36V /48V battery recognition automatically. also the battery type is from Gel to Flood and the Lead-Acid battery. It provides the…

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